A taste of your childhood in every bite!

You deserve it

For me, baking has always centered around cookies - ‘Sarah Keenan Cookies’ - as they were affectionally named years ago by a friend’s son. Cookies for birthdays, to celebrate new births, for graduations, for weddings, to honor achievements. Or for my now husband of 30 years, who since our early dating days, sneaks fresh cookie after cookie off the baking sheet despite my protests they are for a certain event.
— Sarah K

All cookies $1.00 each!


Farmer's market

Sweets By Sarah K can be found every Tuesday till October 9th at the Fairwood Farmer's Market in Spokane!

Scrumptious Flavors

With over twenty delicious flavors, you don't want to miss having Sweets by Sarah K at your next event. 

Special Events

Planning a birthday party? Have an anniversary? Going to the lake? Let Sarah do the baking!