I'm Sarah, the baker behind the cookies. 
Sweets by Sarah K opened in Spring 2017, but its roots are deep. It’s hard to remember a time when I didn’t bake sweet treats. Growing up in Spokane Valley, one of my vivid memories is in the kitchen with my mother, her hand over mine as I level off a cup of flour. At age nine I entered my sugar cookies in the County Fair in Cusick, WA - my father’s home town - proudly bringing home a blue ribbon. Through my teens and into college, many a late night was spent baking. 
For me, baking has always centered around cookies - “Sarah Keenan Cookies” - as they were affectionally named years ago by a friend’s son. Cookies for birthdays, to celebrate new births, for graduations, for weddings, to honor achievements. Or for my now husband of 30 years, who since our early dating days, sneaks fresh cookie after cookie off the baking sheet despite my protests they are for a certain event.
Baking has also been a comfort in my life through seasons of real sorrow, both personally and communally. Mourning the loss of a loved one, supporting a friend battling cancer, baking has been a natural comfort to me and a way for me to comfort the people I love. Even on an average day, in my experience nothing says “I’ve been thinking about you” like a plate of warm cookies.   
With my four beautiful children grown, it was time to turn my passion into a business. I want to bake for you! Whether its one cookie as you swing through the farmers market or a large order to celebrate a milestone in your life, it is truly an honor and a joy. 
Thank you for stopping by. Hope to meet you soon! :)

Sarah K