May Cookie of the Month: Chocolate Chip

Invented by accident in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Tollhouse Inn (town of Whitman, Mass) Ruth ran out of bakers chocolate so she used a semisweet bar and cut it into pieces, a gift from Andrew Nestle. Ruth was expecting the chocolate to melt and it did not! Andrew Nestle paid Ruth for her now famous tollhouse recipe with a lifetime of nestle chocolate and the promise to print  her famous recipe on every package of the chocolate!
Ruth’s recipe first ran in a Boston newspaper and was called “Butterdrop Do Cookies” and later was changed to “chocolate crunch cookies.” The first chocolate chip cookie was the size of a quarter, super crispy and could be devoured in one bite.

In the Middle East chocolate chip cookie are eaten with a knife and fork and topped with choc sauce.

13.5% of Americans admit to eating 20 chocolate chip cookie at a time!

In 1939 Nestle introduced the conveniently pre-chopped chocolate the small buttons still known today as Nestle Tollhouse chocolate morsels.

7 billion chocolate chip cookie eaten in US every yr, 50% being homemade

Chocolate chip cookie is the official state cookie for Mass. and Penn., both nominated by grade school students.

Ruth and Kenneth Wakefield sold the Tollhouse Inn in 1966. In 1970, the Saccone family bought the building and restored it to its original 1700’s cape cod style. On New years Eve, 1984, The Tollhouse Inn, burned to the ground and was never rebuilt. The site, the birthplace of the first chocolate chip cookie, is marked with a sign and is now home to an ice cream shop.

Radio program “the Betty Crocker cooking school” launched the chocolate chip cookie to legendary status.

The world’s largest chocolate chip cookie made by Immaculate baking co. on May 17, 2003 in Flat Roc, NC, weighing in at 40,000 lbs, 102 ft in diameter. It was broken up and sold in commemorative boxes, raising $20,000 for the Folk Artists Foundation Museum and later recorded in Guinness book of world records in 2008.