July Cookie of the Month: Sugar

July 9th is National sugar cookie day!! Stop by The Fairwood Farmers Market contact me to enjoy frosted pink, frosted coffee, or frosted with sprinkles! We continue to offer our gluten free frosted sugar cookie. 

Sugar Cookie Facts


Like most yummy things, sugar cookies were discovered by accident. They were the brain child of a busy Middle Eastern baker around the seventh century who decided to sell the small batter cakes he used to test the temperature of his cooking oven. Eliminating waste by selling these portable, tasty mini-cakes caught on and a revolutionary sugar-based creation was born.

Sugar cookies can be traced back to the 1700’s among the Nazarenes of Pennsylvania. Sugar cookies were initially referred to as Nazareth cookies by German Protestant settlers and baked in the shape of a keyhole, their state's symbol.

Cookie cutters were created in the 1700’s by early American tinsmiths.

In the U.S. during the 1930’s it became popular to leave sugar cookies out for Santa as a thank you for the gifts he was leaving.

During the 1970’s, sugar cookies became even more popular with the introduction of pre-made cookie dough.