August Cookie of the Month: Chocolate No Bake


No bakes make the perfect summertime cookie because you don’t have to turn on your oven! Simply swing by The Fairwood Farmers Market or contact me - we have one with your name on it! Our chocolate no bakes come with an added bonus, we use gluten-free oats, making them an all around winner!

The No Bake Legend


Legend states that when a housewife looked out her window and saw the local preacher coming, she would quickly whip up a batch and by the time the preacher arrived, the cookies were cooling.

People in the Appalachians call No Bakes 'preacher cookies,' while Texans refer to them as 'poodgies.' 

No Bake Facts

Fun fact about the yummy  chocolate no bake cookie is how many different names it has! Preacher cookie, cow patty, poodgie, spoon cookie, stovetop cookies, or simply put-the no bake!

Recipes for no bake cookies emerged around the time of the Depression.